Julie Robinson's Blog

I am an abstract painter living and working in Asheville, North Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana. My current work uses mixed media on a polyester film that has a  translucent frosted matte finish. Because of its transparency it gives an ethereal appearance of floating in space without a ground.

Each layer is a dialogue with the layer underneath and has to dry for 24 hours before I can add another layer. The process is a synthesis of intuition, patience, and skill.  Each year I grow more and more in love with painting on this surface.  Something new and unexpected happens with each painting that excites me.

Evolution of a Painting

People often ask me if my work is affected by my environment. The answer to this question is present in the paintings themselves. You can see the lush and colorful springtime we've experienced in the mountains of Asheville reflected through the chartreuse greens and pinks in this recent piece.
When I start a painting I never have a specific idea or image in mind. My paintings are about the process of layering colors and textures – they are a conversation between me and the medium, and the environment I'm working in influences this dialog.

I photographed this piece at different stages in its development so far.  You can see its evolution in the brief video, below. It may be a finished piece or it could continue evolving.  It's time to let this one sit for a while.