Abstract Transcendental Paintings

"As a mixed media painter residing in Asheville, North Carolina I am drawn to the unique properties of acrylics and how they interact with different materials.  In my quest for everyday discoveries, I love to experiment and play with these materials to find out what works and what doesn’t.

With a Master’s degree in Architecture, it may seem like my work would be more structured, more procedural, but it is quite the opposite.  My paintings are fluid and organic, capturing moments of clarity within the process.

For me, it is all about the process and the experience of making art.  It is the joy, the fun, the discovery of what happens with the paint and the surface.  I wait to observe this interaction without knowing how a painting will end up.  Even if I start with a direction or a palette in mind, that tends to vanish after just a few minutes as I let the process take over.

I work primarily with Mylar, which is a translucent polyester film.  I have fallen in love with the ethereal and otherworldly look of paint on Mylar.  Because of its non-absorbent properties, the paint behaves differently on Mylar than with other surfaces.  Although the drying time is slow, there is an immediacy when the paint dries and changes shapes.  It then becomes a sort of dance as the paint drips where it wants while I intuitively lead it.  I often find myself subtracting or removing more paint than I apply as I observe and respond to the movements of the drying paint. 

Part of what I love about this process is that it requires me to be completely present in the moment.  It requires a steady mindfulness to observe and respond to the actions within the process. To me, abstract painting is about tapping into the intuitive aspects of our human nature to explore the mysteries beyond ordinary experiences. When I am painting, there is a certain magic that happens that transcends the mundane, everyday world around me while I am still a part of it." 

Robinson studied at the University of New Orleans and New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. She received her MA in Architecture from Tulane University and lives in New Orleans and Asheville. North Carolina. In North Carolina she was selected for “On The Verge” by WNC Magazine as one of the top ten emerging artists in Western North Carolina. Robinson’s work is included in notable private collections in New Orleans, Houston, Asheville, Charlotte, Saigon, and Berkeley.

In The Studio with Julie Robinson


Gallery Representation:

Octavia Gallery, 454 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA  70130 www.octaviaartgallery.com

L Ross Gallery, 5040 Sanderlin Dr, Memphis, TN 38117 www.Lrossgallery.com

Blue Print Store, 2707 Fairmount Rd, Dallas, TX 75201 www.blueprintstore.com

Mid City Art Studios, 4436 Toulouse St. New Orleans, LA 70119 


Artsy  https://artsy.net/artist/julie-robinson



2015 Exhibitions:

  • October 8 - Blue Print Store, Dallas 5-8 PM Opening Reception
  • November 7 - Octavia Gallery, New Orleans  6-8 PM Opening Reception
  • L Ross Gallery, Memphis  Summer Group Exhibition, July 2015

2014 Exhibitions:

  • Octavia Gallery, Summer Group Exhibition, New Orleans, July 2014
  • L Ross Gallery, Summer Group Exhibition, June 2014, Memphis, TN
  • April 3 Blue Print Store, Dallas, Texas   5-8 PM Opening Reception
  • May 2 - L Ross Gallery, Memphis   6-8 PM Opening Reception

Solo Exhibitions:

  • L Ross Gallery, Translucents, May 2014, Memphis
  • Adler Gallery at Posana, Asheville,June-Sept 2013
  • Octavia Gallery, Translucents, New Orleans, June 2013
  • Sibley Gallery, Perceptions, New Orleans, April 2012
  • 310 ART Gallery, Asheville River Arts District, PLaY WiTh PErcEptionS, Sept 2011
  • Kimmet Gallery at Solace, Asheville, PErcEptionS, 10/ 2011-3/2012

Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • Octavia Gallery,  New Orleans, July 2014
  • L Ross Gallery, Memphis, TN,  June 2014
  • L RossGallery, HolidayExhibition, Dec 2013, Memphis, 
  • L Ross Gallery, Summer Group Exhibition, July 2013, Memphis, TN,
  • L Ross Gallery, Holiday Exhibition, Dec 2012, Memphis, 
  • Endangered Species, Octavia Gallery at Overture Art Basel/Miami, Dec 2012
  • Endangered Species, Octavia Gallery, New Orleans, Nov 2012
  • L Ross Gallery, Summer Exhibition, July 2012, Memphis, TN
  • NAWA New Members Exhibit, New York, March 2011
  • L Ross Gallery, Holiday Exhibition, Dec 2011, Memphis, 
  • L Ross Gallery, Summer Exhibition, July 2011, Memphis,
  • Asheville Gallery of Art, Featured Artist, June 2011
  • International Dreams Conference Juried Exhibit, Asheville, July 2010
  • ”On The Verge”, Flood Fine Art Gallery, June 2010
  • Art in the Airport Gallery, Asheville, Nov 2009-Feb 2010
  • Atelier 24 Gallery, Asheville – 2009-2010

Julie in studio